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Apokalipis (PC, Game Maker)

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What is the relation to Contra with this poorly-made side-scrolling shoot-em-up? 1-hit death and the medals representing lives.

In terms of how this game plays, it is nothing memorable. That’s the best description for it.


Handheld Mobile Ripoffs (General Unlicensed 16 Bit Handhelds)

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What exactly does my title mean? Good question. This article refers to, in particular:

-A recent line of unlicensed handheld game consoles that follow in the same light as those 16-bit console clones that run 8 bit games.
-The graphics generally resemble 16-bit games.
-The sound and gameplay mechanics, however, better suit 8 bit games. In fact, they’re about as primitive (to say the least) as on Gameboy.
-As the article title reads, these games are (for reasons that are not entirely clear) blatant ripoffs of games developed for common mobile devices. This includes iOS games, Android-based games and general cell phone games (you know, the lo-fi J2ME ones). One in particular is Angry Birds, often going under the moniker of Anger Birds. Is that a surprise?

So, anyway, what is the relation to Contra? Well, many handhelds in this particular line of handhelds feature a lot of games that use a modified version of the game over theme from the original Contra. That’s all for Contra relations. However, these games steal from many other classic games, too, like Mega Man. I’m not going to show screenshots because there are no visual elements taken from the Contra series. However, here is a video where you can hear Contra’s game over theme:

Jump to about 21:49 to hear the theme, much more familiar to inexperience Contra players.

Saucer Attack (PC, Game Maker)

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Saucer Attack is an interesting arcade-style fan game where the player must stop alien invaders (surprise, surprise). The gameplay is rather challenging and requires a certain learning curve, as you must simultaneously control 3 stationary tanks lined across the bottom of the screen. UFO’s will fly down the screen in-line with any of the 4 turrets. Upon contact, the turrets take damage until you lose all your health. Then, you restart. So you must use the tank cannons to destroy these ships before they destroy you.

This game uses 2 midi renditions of tunes from NES Contra: the jungle stage and game over screen. Matter of fact, all the tunes from the game were taken from somewhere else. Most notably, the title screen uses an 8-bit synthesized (pseudo-NES music) version of the song, “Chocolate Rain”.

HardQuore: Total Contrafications (PC, Doom 3 and Quake 4)

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The person who created a certain Scirra Contra project (Contra Movement Test) was also involved in the development of some mods for Doom 3 and Quake 4 for PC. You can probably tell by the names of the mods that they’re related to Contra.

Now, I can’t describe these mods too well because I don’t have Quake 4 or Doom 3. However, these mods essentially make side-scrolling 3rd person shooters out of those 2 games. Indeed, some of the gameplay elements were implemented with Contra in mind. For example, the player can hold exactly up to 2 guns, in the style of Contra III (and many following Contra titles, of course). Also, take a look at the 2 of the character skins:

Contra III, much?

Save Canada (PC, Flash)

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Don’t ask what’s up with the title. Anyway, this is a simple 2D shooter where the you can select among 3 levels. You fight ninjas in 2 of them and 1 is an actual platforming level with a few types of enemies. The interesting thing is that all enemies have a lifebar and take numerous shots to destroy; however, they are scarce at any given time so that you’re not overwhelmed.

The similarities to Contra include 1-hit death and roll-up jump. The player sprite is also similar to that of Contra III.

2PG (Undisclosed Handheld)

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2PG is a special type of portable video game clone system. Interestingly, the games are mostly ripoff’s of cell phone games. Seriously, why rip off cell phone games? Anyway, virtually all the music of the included games are ripped from other media. That’s right, not just games. However, they’re simply lo-fi instrumental renditions, the likes of an 8-bit handheld.

There is actually a line of these types of handheld devices. They feature common games… and common to many of these games is the game over tune: NES Contra’s game over theme. It’s actually the first part of Contra’s game over theme, combined with some other music.

Michael Quest III (PC, Game Maker)

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Strangely, its 2 predecessors don’t seem to exist. Anyway, this is another one of those GM games that require a machine as powerful as a standard Windows 7 to run (like Contra 3D, ZX Contra and a few others). Why is this? I DON’T KNOW! There’s absolutely nothing about this game that is technologically impressive, or even superior to the likes of NES games.

You play as Michael Jackson in his quest through various levels from classic NES games, like Mario and Contra. The entire jungle stage from the NES Contra is included. However, it is almost devoid of enemies and the turrets are merely inanimate parts of the background. Featured is also a MIDI rendition of the jungle tune. Michael Jackson can fire a weapon that only kills one of the many enemies present in the game, making it almost useless. The prominence of this game is the Michael Jackson sprite. He moonwalks in the direction you control him. In addition, he will actually fire in the direction he’s facing (as opposed to it just being a sprite gimmick).