THContra (PC, Undisclosed Engine)

I don’t know what TH stands for; it could be TouHou. Then again, there’s already another TouHou Contra. They even have similarities: similar art style and graphics.

This is a very strange Contra game. I only came across it by chance. The gameplay mechanics are essentially Contra, or Super C NES to be exact. One key difference is that bigger enemies, like tanks or minibosses, seem to respawn when you go off-screen and then return. That’s another difference: you can go backwards in the stage. The music and sound effects are are directly out of NES Contra/Super C. One of the issues I have with this game is the default configuration for controls. Also, since I cannot read the Chinese text, it isn’t easy to configure them when there are many options. I still have to skim through to familiarize myself and set it to comfort.

One thing to note about this Contra fan game is that it is an installation program. Because of that, I’m hesitant to keep it on my PC as so, and therefore I’m trying to make it a non-install game.


2 Responses to “THContra (PC, Undisclosed Engine)”

  1. DarkRuler Says:

    This game Contra parody of Touhou Project.

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