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You want information on what Contra is like outside of mainstream Konami? Here is the place for that. In the categories, you’ll find 6 sections:

PIRATE CONTRA MARKET: In this section, you’ll find all unlicensed games of Contra I know and have come across. They have videos and images where applicable. Subsections:
8-Bit Clones: Games for clones of the common 8-bit consoles (NES, SMS, etc.). You most likely know of these.
16-Bit Clones: Games for clones of the common 16-bit consoles (SNES, MD, etc.). These are rarer.
General Handheld Pirates: Anything portable.
Misc. Pirates: Whatever that doesn’t fit into the rest (PC, etc.).

CONTRA MADE FANS; FANS MADE CONTRA: Every great series has at least one fan-made game or version of a game. I’ll discuss those things here. Subsections:
Fans>Konami: It’s true. Konami has done nothing for the Contra series for over 10 years now.
Hack-N-Slash: Official games can have all sorts of cool modifications.
Mod Squad: Ever heard of mods? Of course. Contra-themed mods have been made for other games.
Konami-Worthy: Sometimes, “fans” aren’t doing any favors for the Contra series. These abominations can be compared to the work of today’s Konami.

UNSEEN OFFICIALS: Sometimes, or never, you came across an interesting game, but never heard any news about it. They happen to be official releases, but have been missed by the public due to a very limited distribution and/or little to no publicity. This is where Contra games with that description will be placed. Subsections:
Cell Phone Finds: There are a lot of interesting cell phone Contra games to look at.
iOS Finds: Due to Apple’s policies and such, fan games can be sold as “official”.
Mainstream System Finds: The common rigs, like PC and consoles.

CAMEOS: If you play another game, you may come across something that came directly from Contra. I’ll mention those, here. They can range from games made by the same company as Contra, Konami, or maybe as a tribute by another company or even fans. Subsections:
Fan Tidbits: Fan-made content containing Contra elements/references is not uncommon.
Licensed Tidbits: The official games and other media occasionally fit some Contra in.
Unlicensed Tidbits: They have the freedom lack of conscience/morale to do this.

NEVER SEEN: There are unreleased games in the Contra series. That’s what I’ll put in here. Subsections:
Canned Officials: Official games that were canceled during development.
Fan Cans: Fan stuff that was canceled during development.

MYSTERIES: I’ll place any unsolved matters relating to Contra in here. Subsections:
Mainstream Oddities: Mysteries with or within official games.
Mobile Oddities: It’s expected that there be many Contra-related mysteries for cell phones.
Fan Game Oddities: There are occasional fan game enigmas.
Unlicensed Oddities: With no way to keep tabs on all the unlicensed goodness, these kinds of mysteries are no surprise.

Alternatively, you can Jump to a Game. Or you can just click on “Jump to a Game” in the “Pages” section.

I would also like to acknowledge several Contra-like games without going into detail because they are either competitors or have received a series of their own:

Journey to Silius; Sunset Riders; Gunstar Heroes; Turrican; Metal Slug

As of today (December 9th, 2011), I dedicate all my future work on this (and the other) blog to Jean-Yves “Jive” Delpech. He has passed away as a cancer he was suffering from finally took away his life. Jive was probably the nicest and most approachable Doomer in the community. Although I cannot say much for his last works in Doom, nor can I agree with his choice to give up Doom due to a questionable religion, I have the utmost respect for him. Though I don’t know him personally, I am aware of how much of a good person he was. His absence from this world is a gap that will never be filled.


59 Responses to “Welcome to Black Viper Station!”

  1. SDU Dread ZUOM Says:

    Impressive work you’ve done here.

    • Thanks. Contra fan much?

      • SDU Dread ZUOM Says:

        Yeah. I’ve been playing Contra from probably three years of age onward. I used to play Super C with my dad in the hour or two before he had to go to work when I was just a kid. I still have both of them as well as “Contra” Force- did they ever make a sequel to that? The ending seemed to imply there was more to be seen.

  2. Actually, Contra Force has no place in the original timeline. Anyway, I don’t know if this may come off as surprising, but a sequel to Super C was released BEFORE Contra Force. It was for the Super NES. It’s Contra 3: The Alien Wars.

    Besides these, there are over 10 sequels, canon or not.

    • SDU Dread ZUOM Says:

      I know Contra Force isn’t counted in the canon of the timeline, thus the quotation marks in my last response. I was wondering if a sequel to that game in and of it self had ever been released under a different name of series.

      I’ve kept up with the Contra series on other consoles through out the years, so I know above the other actual Contra games.

      • Oh, well, that eliminates a lot of stuff, then, eh. There are no sequels/series based on Contra Force.

        BTW, check out my alternate image/video site for the Contra series dedicated to the mainstream games, this time. It’s the Black Viper Contra Repository.

  3. hello there!
    nice homepage!
    good to see some other contra-maniac alive on the earth :O
    i really loved that pirate section. i played lot of them on my old chinese NES copy. we also had renamed originals too. renamed guys in contra force, and things like that ;>
    dude. you give me a big ammout of motivation to work on my project too :O

    really love this site (Y)
    good job, and keep it alive

  4. WarioMan Says:

    I know I haven’t complimented on your work the moment you first showed me a link to it via MSN, but it was nicely done so far.

  5. great site, im pretty impressed with this huge information about contra! tnx

  6. Hi, thanks for putting Superboss on here and saying its ok. Usually people say it sucks.

    • You’re welcome. Yeah, it’s not really a bad game, in fact, it’s quite good. If anything, I think the concept of pressing “buttons” on the touch screen is what makes all iTouch games almost unplayable.

  7. Tails miles Says:

    just a question but why is contra msx not anywhere?

  8. Very good and informative site.

  9. SGTFrAnKo Says:

    I really love contra 🙂 and there n the web its a bit hard t find contra stuff,like a blog dedicated to this great game,so nice site 😀

  10. honfi_mark01 Says:

    The site was very good, congratulations to him.

    • KAGE-008 Says:

      Yeah, I like this blog, too. It helped me to know more about those rare Contra stuff floating on the web.

      BTW, honfi_mark, if you want to make new gameplay videos of NES hacks, you should use HyperCam instead of ZDSoft.

      • honfi_mark01 Says:

        KAGE-008: The problem is that only the ZD Soft Video Recorder you can record video with sound, the others do not like your computer’s sound card. I tried almost all fall down (CamStudio, HyperCam, etc.), but their mistake was issued because of the sound card.

  11. KAGE-008 Says:

    honfi_mark01: Oh… next time, if you have FCEUX, try to record the videos in AVI format with the built-in recorder, and select the compressor “Microsoft Video 1”. Or, if you have VirtuaNES, record them wih the emulator, and go to Edit>Movie>AVI convert.

  12. honfi_mark01 Says:

    KAGE_008: FCEUX emulator I use, because it’s much better than the Virtuanes. “Microsoft Video 1” setting, take up the game perfectly well, but what you upload the video to share youtube watch the video, or it takes an hour.

  13. contra7 player Says:

    hi contrafan thanks for ur pirate collection if u supply download links for dis games it would be awesome.

    Anyway i played contra 7 on my child days on nes system it is good nd in game we cn get granaids power it looks like stages like super contra 2 2nd stage. Its very hard game. Also m played original contra 8 in dis game only one player available its like run gun game he will run always with gun powers so awesome in dis game. M missing so much dis games i cnt find dis games on net.

    • First, fix your grammar, spelling and punctuation. Because I have difficulty seeing any credibility in what you say if you type like a preteen. Second, I don’t have these.

    • Two things you have to keep in mind:
      1. Please write with an improved grammar and spelling. Thanks to Iniche for this advice.
      2. If you want to get any of the games he mentioned here, go register at his fan-forum: s1. zetaboards. com /contraseries (remove the spaces), or contact to him via E-mail.

  14. I am making remake of contra and there is one movie from this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nyrGw61h1To

  15. I’ll give you one chance. Post your comment again, but this time, without ALL CAPS LIKE YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT. I appreciate that you like my site and all. But I don’t tolerate this.


  17. trextrex65 Says:

    @KAGE-008 Says
    im huge contra fan too just like you and thanks your the link :3

  18. trextrex65 Says:

    btw have you seeing Weapon‑of‑Choice? it is contra moves with some bio stages

  19. Thanks for mentioning my game, Clash Force!

  20. KAGE-008 Says:

    Iniche, it seems that your forum is gone…

  21. Mega_Soul Says:

    Реально, в чем дело? (не могу использовать переводчик)

  22. It’s pretty sad when Konami literally neglected the Contra series, ain’t it?

    • Yes, it is.

    • I’ll third this. The fanbase is very tiny now because of Konami’s recent canning of that mysterious Contra for 3DS…

      • Disagree. If you’ve been following the Contra series, you’d know that the fanbase has been very small for many years now, due partly to Konami’s overall neglectful attitude.

    • It’s been years that Konami has turned their back on Contra. It shouldn’t surprise people that the “Contra game” got canceled over a year after a highly generic teaser that would work for any action or horror game. Moreso, just like Contra 4 and Contra Rebirth, Konami wasn’t even the developer. They were just more than happy to whore their name all over the game while it was being developed by someone else.

  23. SMWHacker88 Says:

    contrafan I’m working on a new hack of Super Contra 7, which will have everything changed.

  24. Trextrex65 Says:


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