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Gun Runner (iOS)

Posted in 4 - Cameos, 4B - Licensed Tidbits on May 1, 2012 by prototector

This isn’t really a Contra clone as much as it is an “infinite runner”. I guess that means you get infinite ammo or whatever that’s needed to survive and progress. You have to keep shooting enemies, like shooting down helicopters in order to gain money. That’s right: this is one of those stupid money-based side scrollers. It seems everybody wants to cash in on the non-Contra success of Hard Corps: Uprising. One of the guns to which you can upgrade is the shotgun which is, of course, a spread gun.

Clash Force (iOS)

Posted in 4 - Cameos, 4B - Licensed Tidbits on May 1, 2012 by prototector

When I first found out about Clash Force, I wasn’t too sure if it was a good game. Let this be yet another example of how you should try something before judging it.

Although Clash Force is more of a Mega Man clone (just look at the screenshot), it does pay tribute to Contra. Contra elements include Spread Gun, losing your powerup gun from each hit, roll-up jump and fast-paced action that will likely remind you of Contra. You can play as one of three anthropomorphic characters (no difference between their abilities), who make up the Clash Force, to stop a Dr. Wily style villain.

There are 2 versions of the game: Clash Force and Clash Force Lite. The latter is a trial version which has 4 randomly selected levels, whereas the former has the full 21 levels. There are some levels that are inexcusably difficult. 

However, it’s not due to bad level design. Once again, it’s due to the same flaw that exists in all fast-paced iOS games: controller-style buttons just don’t work on iOS for fast-paced games. You shouldn’t blame SGG, though. Getting this control and gameplay scheme right is not easy, as you can see from all the previous fast-paced iOS games. I’m not going to elaborate any further on that.

Here’s the demo version, called Clash Force Lite:

There aren’t too many differences between the demo and full game. I think a few enemy placements have changed and so has some minor level design. The full version has 2 difficulties, easy and normal, whereas the demo only has one.

To end this, I want to point out one the strong points of this game and it’s the soundtrack. In particular, the music that plays in the level set before the final bosses alone is enough reason for you to purchase this game.

Ninja Turtles (iOS)

Posted in 4 - Cameos, 4C - Unlicensed Tidbits on May 1, 2012 by prototector

How I missed out on this “Ninja Turtles” game when it was released, I have no idea. I’ve been actively looking out for anything Contra-related for iOS since July of 2011 and somehow did not come across this.

Some Vietnamese troll called Dang Van Phuong decided to put up an unlicensed abomination on the App Store. Naturally, Apple is more concerned with releases that shine them under a negative light than with those that infringe upon copyright laws. As a result, “Ninja Turtles” remained available for over a month since mid-August of 2011. I’m irritated that I never noticed this game within that much time.

What does this have to do with Contra? Well, take a look at the damn screenshot above. I don’t know if there are any other levels, but you definitely play in a blatant background rip from NES Contra’s Jungle. Your character is not even a Ninja Turtle; he’s just a generic green soldier who, because of facing away from the screen, vaguely looks like a Ninja Turtle. That’s my guess.

The game uses the tilt concept to move the character and you tap the enemies to shoot at them. What you see in the above screenshot is a poorly censored gun capsule tile. Indeed, it appears that it only took Phuong 5 minutes to make this game. The bullets are apparently crude rectangles. Though one of the numbers shown denotes your lives, the others are more like coordinates (you know, values that are not usually supposed to be on the screen).

Hopefully someone, for whatever reason, still has this app and can provide it.

Super Mario Bros Crossover 2.0 (PC, Flash)

Posted in 4 - Cameos, 4A - Fan Tidbits on March 4, 2012 by prototector

This may be an update to Super Mario Bros Crossover, but it’s so epic and has enough new content to be considered a new entry.

Besides including new characters, the menu has changed and customization has gone beyond. Now, you can select which sound effects and music to choose from: Gameboy (Operation C music, for example), NES (NES Contra music, for example) and SNES (Contra III music, for example). In fact, the music sets differ if you choose between Bill and Lance, say.

In addition, you can select different graphical layouts (again, a theme based on the game console you choose), unlock cheat codes and there’s so much more.

An example of many of the customizations you can use:

Abobo’s Big Adventure (Various Platforms)

Posted in 4 - Cameos, 4A - Fan Tidbits on March 4, 2012 by prototector

Think of Super Mario Crossover, only better done. Imagine a fan game that pays homage to the 8-bit greatness that is NES; the kind that people have been waiting on for the last 20 years. This is that game.

With references to more NES games than you can count stuffed into this package, Contra’s especially no exception, there’s no reason for you to not have played it already!

This is available for PC (Flash) and Mac.

SWAT 3: Soldier of the Future 2 (Mobile, J2ME)

Posted in 4 - Cameos, 4B - Licensed Tidbits on February 25, 2012 by prototector

Not exactly a creative title for the sequel to a confusing sequel… so it works!

You may think that this game is a disappointing failure due to using most of the mechanics of its predecessor, therefore not providing enough fresh content (even all the music is recycled). I couldn’t disagree more. Think Doom II, only a bit more in common to the predecessor, but better level design. Doom II wasn’t a failure, nor was NES Super Contra, nor were plenty of other games that followed this practice.

To me, having new levels with new challenges is all it takes for a great Contra experience.

The most interesting thing about this sequel, however, is the clever plot. Depending on your preferred interpretation, it can be an alternate universe, a retelling or a sequel to the previous one. That pretty much makes it a win-win situation.

SWAT 3: Soldier of the Future (Mobile, J2ME)

Posted in 4 - Cameos, 4B - Licensed Tidbits on February 25, 2012 by prototector

A quick note that the title is somewhat misleading. At least as far as mobile games are concerned, there are a multitude of “SWAT” games, including another Contra game. This being the third in a series is rather confusing, thus. However, let it be the third to whatever SWAT game for all I care.

That said, SWAT 3 is an awesome mobile game to try, on emulation at least. Made by MIG and Sina, you can surely expect top quality. The game seems to run off a Return to Galuga engine derivative. The weapon system and animations are the same. Moreover, the game makes use of great dialog throughout the stages. Returning are some cool tunes from Retribution Invasion. There are also a couple of new ones. SWAT 3 surely does take some cues from Contra and this is definitely worth a try for that small (I)niche of Contra fans.

Wait and See! (NES)

Posted in 4 - Cameos, 4C - Unlicensed Tidbits on February 25, 2012 by prototector

That’s quite a peculiar title. It’s an unlicensed game where you control Bugs Bunny (with bad controls) in an environment unfitting of Bugs Bunny’s nature. The powerup pickup sound effect was lifted from NES Contra/Super Contra.

Air Contra (PC, Flash)

Posted in 4 - Cameos, 4A - Fan Tidbits on February 24, 2012 by prototector

Here’s a flash-emulated version of one of those ROM hacks of Action in New York.

Shantae: Risky’s Revenge (Nintendo DS)

Posted in 4 - Cameos, 4B - Licensed Tidbits on December 22, 2011 by prototector

I wonder why I haven’t put this in sooner. Big thanks to Warioman3KtheContra for letting me know about this.

After possibly gawking at the characters, you’d find that piece of dialog very familiar if you’ve played Contra III.

Ozgur’s Strange Game Pack (PC, Game Maker)

Posted in 4 - Cameos, 4A - Fan Tidbits on December 19, 2011 by prototector

Because I am unable to make much sense of these artifacts I found on yoyogames, I can only provide little info about them. They’re by the same guy who made that screwed up Contra Rebirth “remake” and the brick game for Game Maker.

What’s common about all of the following (in relation to Contra) are a couple of sound effects and sprites ripped from the NES Contra/Super C.

Ozgur’s 1-in-F Brick Game Demo:

Ozgur’s 1-in-F Brick Game Tutorial:

Ozgur’s 1-in-F Brick Game Engine:

Ozgur’s C64 Shooter:

Ozgur Caner Contra (Where’s the Contra in this?):

Ozgur’s Cosmo Bible:

Ozgur’s Destroyer:

Ozgur’s Destroyer 8-Bit:

Ozgur’s Error Messages:

Ozgur’s Space Shooter (note, this was taken off someone’s tutorial):

What’s common about all the above games (in terms of gameplay) is that you control either a ship or undefined pixellated objects and shoot at destructible blocks, with no objective.

Interestingly, the game pack included a SCAT game and a Natsume game (IDK), but those don’t work, unfortunately.

Metroid Elements (PC, Flash)

Posted in 4 - Cameos, 4A - Fan Tidbits on December 19, 2011 by prototector

I remember I took this entry off my blog so long ago. I didn’t realize that many of the supposedly shared elements between Contra and Metroid (NES original) aren’t actually shared. Take the 8 direction aiming, for instance.

Ling Jie Hu Fa – Shock (NES)

Posted in 4 - Cameos, 4C - Unlicensed Tidbits on December 19, 2011 by prototector

What a title. And what a horrible game. I didn’t play it long, but I agree with other people that it is probably the most unplayable (without cheats) game on NES. Some sound effects are lifted from NES Contra/Super Contra.

ROFL the Video Game (PC, Game Maker)

Posted in 4 - Cameos, 4A - Fan Tidbits on July 19, 2011 by prototector

Remember that really horrible game from Newgrounds that soiled Contra music? Well this is almost as bad.

Despite shaming Contra music and gameplay elements, it doesn’t cross the line too far (maybe that’s subjective). It has you playing as the upper body of a brawn illogically shooting at idiotic sprites that mindlessly move forward and backward. The final boss… I don’t even want to go there.

Forgotten Worlds (Various Systems)

Posted in 4 - Cameos, 4B - Licensed Tidbits on July 19, 2011 by prototector

Originally named Lost Worlds in Japan, what’s up with this game? I should say that it better resembles Final Mission (or vice versa), but there’s undoubtedly some inspiration from Konami’s Contra as there is in Final Mission. Just look at the player character sprite and some of the weapons. Moreso, some part of the first level is reminiscent of the Energy Zone.

And if that’s not enough of a ringer, how the hell about this:

Tell me Neo Contra’s Bill and Jaguar don’t seem to rip this off!

Anyway, Forgotten Worlds was released on a slew of systems.


The arcade version was re-released in Capcom Classics Collection Vol. 1 for PS2 and XBox. It was also re-released in Capcom Classics Collection: Remixed for PSP.


Amstrad CPC:

Commodore 64:

IBM PC Compatibles:

Sega Genesis/Mega Drive:

The Sega Genesis version was re-released on the Wii Virtual Console.

Sega Master System:

Atari ST:


ZX Spectrum:

Here are two interesting conversions:

PC Engine:

TurboGrafx 16:

And now some random tidbits about this game appearing in other games:

-Marvel Vs Capcom: Clash of Heroes (Arcade, Dreamcast and Playstation) has this game’s Player 1, called Unknown Soldier (Yeah, thanks wikipedia!). Only now do I realize that the origin of Unknown Soldier from Nemesis Online is NOT Contra, but this game (which is indirectly from Contra anyway).

-Namco X Capcom (PS2) has both player characters from Forgotton Worlds. Plus a couple other things, like a boss or something appearing in the background.

-SNK Vs Capcom: Card Fighters Clash (Neo Geo Pocket Color) has an amusement center, called Lost World (ok). It contains many references: weapons behind display cases, music, a statue, a card shop and even Sylphie.

-Capcom Fighting Jam (Arcade, PS2 and XBox) has War God in Guy’s ending (wikipedia FTL?).

Crysis (PC, Game Maker)

Posted in 4 - Cameos, 4A - Fan Tidbits on July 17, 2011 by prototector

All I can say about this game is…

The controls suck and the enemies are insanely difficult to fight. The game uses many tiles from NES Contra.

Final Mission (PC, Flash)

Posted in 4 - Cameos, 4A - Fan Tidbits on June 23, 2011 by prototector

And a Flash emulation of Final Mission NES was also released.

SuperBoss 3 (iOS)

Posted in 4 - Cameos, 4A - Fan Tidbits on June 12, 2011 by prototector

Just when I thought the Superboss series creator saved face with Superboss 2, I come across this atrocity. He pretty much took the concept of Contra that was present in his previous Superboss games and said, “Fuck it. Time to make one of the shittiest games anybody can have on their iPod Touch/iPhone.”

And that’s just what he did. I really hope this guy gets even more awards for making crappy games like these.

The game basically looks and feels a lot like previous Superboss games. However, the gun is replaced by a knife which the player character retardedly uses: you have to jump and he holds the knife down between his legs, which causes his landing to stab whatever enemy is below. You control your character by tilting the device, so there’s some tilt elements thrown in. More importantly, the first level scrolls vertically; you climb excessively, negotiating really small and tough platforms while killing/avoiding enemies on the platforms. One touch and you’re dead and it’s game over. You climb until the starting ground is out of view and then fall, you die and game over.

It’s just way too tedious to get to any further level.

Jeremy, either get your shit together or stop making this shit. Note: a pro verison of this also exists, which if I’m not mistaken, just removes ads. Pathetic.

Otomedius X Excellent (Microsoft Xbox 360)

Posted in 4 - Cameos, 4B - Licensed Tidbits on May 24, 2011 by prototector

In one of the early levels, I think second one, you’ll notice a “Contra Burger” in the background:

Special thanks to Tails Miles, since his post brought this to my attention.

UPDATE: And now, a DLC for the game features a remix of Alien Lair stage music. It’s an ok remix, I guess. The DLC is Stage EX1 (St. Gradius School).

The part starts around 5:05 (along with a bikini-clad anime girl).

In fact, the whole game has risquée content. But I think it’s in reference to all those Parodius games.

Hard Corps: Uprising Costumes (Sony PS3, Playstation Home)

Posted in 4 - Cameos, 4B - Licensed Tidbits on March 23, 2011 by prototector

Here are some pointless costumes to waste time with.


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